We branded Pest Control company Sadot, an all-inclusive branding process, from renaming the company to designing a logo and corporate identity. We designed stationery, brochures, stickers and branded the company vehicles.
Branding, Corporate identity, Graphic language, Logo design, Car graphics, Vehicle branding, Landing page design, Sadot, Pest control branding
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Sadot company operates more than fifty years under the name ‘Shemed pest control’. They approached Platforma as part of an expansion and growth process in order to revitalize the brand.

We approached the task with a clear objective to set the company apart from its competitors as much as possible in terms of concept and visuals. The name Sadot (fields) replaced the name Shemed to illuminate the company in a more positive, environmental-friendly light.

With bold colors and unique iconography, we created a daring and dynamic corporate identity. We designed car graphics, corporate stationery and folders.


Sadot Ltd.