RPO-Zero Robot – Axxana
We conceptualised, sketched and modelled a robotic brand character for Axxana, a company who specializes in data storage protection and recovery. We designed posters, various print materials, web banners and a short animation clip. We created an actual body suit, based on the robot design, to be used as an attraction in trade shows and exhibitions.
Brand character, Exhibition campaign, Costume design, 3D modelling, EMC, RPO zero, Axxana, Black Box
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RPO-Zero Robot – Axxana

For EMC annual exhibition we came up with a futuristic concept – a walking-talking ‘live’ robot, designed in the spirit of Axxana with a wink to the Transformers. The robot was first sketched manually, then turned into a three-dimensional model (by Ilan Weintraub) and eventually built as an impressive body suit by designer Roni Wagner. The Robot strolled the exhibition grounds, shook hands and became an attraction.
A short animation clip demonstrates how Axxana’s black box transforms into the RPO Zero robot!
We branded the robot in addition to the exhibition booth, promotional products, newsletters, signage and web advertising campaign event.

Axxana developed the Black Box for data centers, addressing the challenge in data protection of recovering data over any distance with zero data loss.