Pressure Drop Beer
We came up with a concept for an IPA beer by BeerBazzar called Dark Matter - a scuba diver in a bygone metal suit, on a bed of hops, underneath an octopus... We illustrated and designed the label.
Beer branding, Beer label design, Brand character, IPA beer, BeerBazzar, Beverage branding, Illustration, Graphic design
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Pressure Drop Beer

Platforma were approached by Mivshelet Haartez to re-brand Pressure Drop beer, an IPA boutique beer from Mivshelet Hasha’chen.
Dedicated to the mission, we immediately put on our old pressure-proof diving suit and jumped into the deep end.
Resting on a bed of hops – representing the beer’s extremely hoppy nature – our diver is delighted and content despite the eight legged creature floating above him…
Pressure Drop’s label reads like an adventure comic book from an old newspaper; dark and mysterious yet playful and humorous.

Drink responsibly…

Mivshelet Haaretz is one on Israel’s biggest and most prominent Craft Beer brewery, who’s main purpose is to promote the local beer industry. Mivshelet Haaretz is also the owner of BeerBazzar, A network of bars specializing in beer made in Israel.


Mivshelet Haaretrz - BeerBazzar