Levinsky College of Education – Open Day Campaign
A comprehensive branding project for an open day at Levinsky College of Education. We came up with the concept, designed ads, social media banners and billboards. We branded the College grounds: signs, posters and flags. We also designed a user interface for a designated application for the day of the event.
University, College, Open day, Landing page, Viral campaign, Facebook campaign, App design, Bus ads, Billboard, Flag design
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Levinsky College of Education – Open Day Campaign

The concept we created for the Open Day campaign at Levinsky College of Education is designated to restore the aura of the teaching profession; To be a teacher is a step up, it’s empowering, inspiring and exciting!
The use of verbs in the Hebrew language strengthens Levinsky College’s connection to the Hebrew language by virtue of its being the first Hebrew-speaking academic institution for teacher training in Israel.

We created a digital and print campaign, a designated application for the day of the event, radio and television broadcasts, event branding and a series of booklets for the various courses.


Levinsky College of Education