Gallagher Beer
We came up with an name for a new lager beer by Mivshelet Haaretrz: Gallagher Lager. We invented and illustrated a brand character named Gallagher to represent the brand and designed the label.
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Gallagher Beer

Platforma was approached by Mivshelet Haaretz to brand a new lager beer.
For the naming process we drew inspiration from all things associated with beer culture, from Rock’n’Roll to urban night-life. The name Gallagher is a direct reference/homage to legendary British band Oasis and a playful wordplay – Ga-Lager
For the brand character we combined these points of reference with numerous iconic Israeli aspects – Susista cars and Bauhaus buildings in Tel-Aviv.

Mivshelet Haaretz is one of Israel’s most prominent Craft Beer brewery and the owner of BeerBazzar, a network of bars specializing in beer made in Israel.



Mivshelet Haaretrz - BeerBazzar