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Platforma is a design firm specializing in branding companies, products and services. Our areas of expertise include marketing strategy, business identity design, brand assimilation, packaging, web development and design, viral campaigns, exhibitions and more. Our design solutions are the result of a precise and informed branding methodology. The branding process consolidates into a concept, ideas into images. We believe every brand should create a spark, an emotional connection with potential clients. Our goal is to create that spark.
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Bonatics | Packaging

The Bonatics brand has been developed by Kamedis Bio-Herbal Skin Treatments, is a line of herbal products that offer relief from the symptoms of common skin disorders. The foundation of the brand is a fusion of ancient Chinese tradition and advanced Western technology. The challenge we faced was to create a visual balance between these two contradicting worlds.
To distinguish the brand from its competitors, we created an innovative, bold and contemporary visual language, making an effort to avoid the worn out cliches. The brand’s four core values: Harmony, Science, East and West are represented in the logo; Four interlocking leaves form a new scientific crafted shape reminiscent of a flower or a traditional mandala. We chose a specific color for each series of products, striking, energetic colors, yet organic and natural.
We created packaging, catalogs, brochures, a website, an exhibition booth, presentations and various promotional products.